torstai 6. heinäkuuta 2017

The best heat protectant EVER

KC Professional No Nothing Very Sensitive Moisture Mist - seriously the best hair mist on the planet! It protects from heat and UV-rays without any perfume, parabens or colorants. I'm not sure if it's the avocado oil in this or what, but my hair feels and looks so nourished and shiny every time I use this.
I have noticed a significant decrease in split ends when using this with straightening iron or blowdryer. The immediate effect is how it makes my hair look and feel. In the long run this helps keep it in good condition.
Maybe it is because this contains zero alcohol? It could be one of the reasons why this is so amazing. If a heat protectant has even a single drop of alcohol my hair will tell it to me straight away by drying and splitting. Another reason for the greatness could be that this is actually meant to be a moisture mist. This helps fight against damage caused by heat so well that this should be called a moisturizing heat protectant.

pH 4,0-4,5
10€/ 250ml, Hairlekiini

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