keskiviikko 26. heinäkuuta 2017

Mossa Vitamin Oil Cocktail Facial Oil

Feels luxurious, has a delicious, maybe a bit spicy citrus-scent. Spreads easil and is very light weight. The problem is that this doesn't suit acne-prone skin at all. Caused serious breakouts every time the next day after use. I don't think the product itself is the problem though, it's my skin. Oil is not good for acne anyways, atleast based on my experiences and this has 10 different kinds of plant oils so no wonder my skin got wild!

I would definitely recommend this for a dryer skin. Makes even this monster face look glowy and sensual in the same way the highest parts of the skin look in a room lit by candle light (if you don't mind some monster pimples throwing shade on the perfection).  I will happily use the rest on my neck. This is a great face oil, just not for me.
17e/ 30ml, Sokos

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