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Review: Flawless By Sonya Makeup, Base Products

forever living products flawless by sonya
forever living products flawless by sonya

forever living products flawless by sonya

Aloe BB Crème SPF 20 - Sandy 35,25e/ 45g  (Bottom swatch) Three shades to choose from. I gave Nude and Cocoa (SPF 10) to my friends and decided to take Sandy with me to Spain optimistically hoping to achieve it's shade. It is rather pigmented for a BB-cream so it can also be used to adjust the color of your everyday foundation if it gets too light.
Pigmented but very light coverage! As you can see, a totally wrong shade haha. After I applied my concealers & powders the look was wearable. Yet I would hope for much more coverage from my main base product. Contains talc and dimethicone/silicone so I would be pretty sure to break out if I used this on the daily.

Forever living products flawless by sonya

Cream to Powder Foundation - 377 Porcelain (Second swatch from the bottom) 22,05e/ 7g
Has much purer inci than the BB: so much goodness from nature! At first a wax called Candelilla cera caught my eye. I assumed that since it's a wax it wouldn't let my skin breathe. But it's actually rated great in EWG's Cosmetics Database. Other ingredient, the first one on the list is Phenyl Trimethicone. It is a "silicone-based polymere", which I would still concider a silicone (correct me if I understood wrong). According to EWG it should be safe to use health-wise but not sure what my acne has to say when a silicone is first on the ingredient list.
The actual finish. Ah, perfect. Been looking for a full-coverage foundation like this for ages! Super easy to put on. It stayed on like it first applied for a whole day of shopping. Felt moisturizing. Just amazing. The only downside is the price in comparison to how little of this you get and how fast it actually runs out.

Forever living products flawless by sonya

lauantai 27. toukokuuta 2017

Alterra Nailpolishes

vegan alterra nailpolish swatch

vegan alterra nailpolish swatch

03 Real Red, 04 Vegan Berry, 02 Nude, 01 Rose Blossom
I also bought a pile of other cosmetics from Berlin. Like these vegan, non-poison super cheap Alterra-nailpolishes.
These are the best nailpolishes I have EVER come across. Seriously, before finding these I thought nothing could beat OPI when it comes to gorgeous finish and staying on for longer than other polishes.
Beautiful finish. Looks like it's wet and just been applied even after it has dried. No chipping, no filing. Is gentle to the nail. Stays on gracefully upto a week even on longer nails. Just brilliant. And the price!

Ostin Berliinin Rossmannilta kasan pilkkahintaisia, myrkyttömiä ja vegaanisia kynsilakkoja.
Nämä ovat sarjassaan parhaita koskaan käyttämiäni. Pakko saada lisää. Levittyvät kuin sula rasva, lakkaus näyttää kauniin peilipintaiselta ja mikä parasta: pysyvät lähes viikon! Ennen pidin OPI:n lakkoja pysyvyyden maailmanmestareina koska ne pysyivät peräti neljä päivää...
App. 4e/11ml, Rossmann

perjantai 26. toukokuuta 2017

16x9 - Freeganism: Living off trash

Makes me want to go garbage hunting! I have worked in fast food restaurants and grocery stores and it is absolutely unforgivable how much pefectly edible food goes to waste. Either because people are too picky or because the regulations are ridiculous.

Delídea Fig & Gooseberries Moisturizing Face Serum

Face serum

Natural cosmetics from Italy! Spreads easily, is not greasy at all. Glowy and moisturized finish. Amazing scent. Clearly evens out the skin and doesn't make it break out. I think this would fit any skin type, altough a dryer complex could use a little more moisture.
But for me this fits amazing. I have a mixed and oily skin type that is also super sensitive and dries out easily if I use too harsh products. Drying out eventually means breaking out when the skin is trying to get back to it's natural moisture balance. Also too greasy products make my skin break out horribly by not letting it breathe. BUT this gives just the perfect amount of moisture so I don't have to worry about facing those problems.
As I mentioned before, the glow this gives is simply amazing. When I use this overnight under a night cream, I am amazed in the morning not only by the clear difference this serum makes but also how easy it is to apply make up after using this. Smooth, dewy, youthful. That's how I would describe the outcome.
11,4 e/ 30ml, Ecco-Verde

maanantai 15. toukokuuta 2017

Alverde Mineral Puder

Mineral powder

I was celebrating the NYE 2017 in Berlin. In a serious need of a talc-free, preferably mineralized powder I turned to DM. DM is a beauty and wellness related chain in Germany and it sells it's own natural cosmetic line called Alverde Naturkosmetik. And what's best, the products are ridiculously cheap!

Mineral powder

This 4,45€ mineral powder (or Mineral Puder if you like) couldn't have done it's job better for a price so low. It was a good powder. Nice powder. Nothing too fancy, just something you need in your everyday life.
It kept my oily skin shine-free for a medium time that most of the powders I have used have managed to reach. We are talking about 3 hours. The coverage is medium, it applies nicely and is easy to blend.
I didn't find it causing me any extra breakouts nor did it dry out my skin or make it feel tight.

Mineral powder

Mine is in the shade 01 Porcelain. It is the lightest shade and ofcourse too dark for me. A bit orange-ish, red-toned more than yellow. (There is a light-difference between the pictures but you can still see how it mattifies and adds more coverage!)
You could pile it on pretty easily for extra coverage. One layer was usually enough for me as it gave me a smooth and medium cover. It didn't make my foundation slide off my acne pimples. Wasn't ideal for the under-eye concealer though, made it grease a bit. But nothing you couldn't bear with.
A mineral powder of my dreams would give my face a dewy "wow"-effect with medium to full coverage without caking or drying the rest of the makeup base. While keeping my skin matte for atleast 6 hours. So Alverde, thank you for lasting me almost 6 months in the daily use, we will meet again some day but now I'm in a hurry to find someone more superior!
Alverde Naturkosmetik Mineral Puder, 01 Porcelain 4,45€/ 10g, DM

torstai 11. toukokuuta 2017

Benecos Nail Polishes

Here are some watches of Benecos Nail Polishes:

Benecos nailpolish

Benecos nailpolish

Benecos nailpolish

Top-bottom: Minty Day, Peach Sorbet, Mighty Orange

The pictures are a little nasty, I know, but they are taken after a few days to a week of use. So it's fair to say it is a pretty long-lasting species of polish!
The consistency is quite runny when you first open the bottle but it gets thicker the more you use. Not the fastest to dry. Easy to apply. One layer gives you an opaque finish, two layers means you get the exact same color as seen on the bottle.
Benecos has a large variety of shades and only for such a little price! So despite of the thickening and not being the fastest to dry, I would definitely repurchase. And these are safe to use as they are free from the most common poisons used in nail polishes :)
P.s. these are vegan!
 4,15€/ 9ml, Ecco-Verde

torstai 4. toukokuuta 2017

Kirppariarvio: Zirppari




Vuokrasin tilavan hyllyn hintaan 22€/6 myyntipäivää ja vappukrapulan takia vielä yhden lisäpäivän hintaan 5€. Kauppa kävi niin mainiosti, että myyjätkin ihmettyivät! Itseki yllätyin, sillä tavaraa oli niin paljon että tuntui kuin hylly olisi koko ajan yhtä täynnä.
Henkilökuntaan kuuluu kaksi aivan ihanan ystävällistä ja aurinkoista naista. Joka kerta oli mukava asioida heidän luonaan, he jopa lähettelivät tekstiviestillä asiakkaiden kysymyksiä. Ja olivat myös todella ymmärtäväisiä kun sanoin että olen liian huonovointinen tullakseni raivaamaan pöytää... Tyhjentäessäni pöytää paikalla oli sitten enemmän porukkaa, henkilölunta lienee siis laajempi.

Zirpparilla oli tosi helppo hinnoitella tuotteita. Netistä sai tulostettua hintalappuja itse ja niiden kiinnittämistä varten oli varattu kaikkia tarpeellisia välineitä. Lisäksi hintaan kuului kaksi tarra-arkillista lappuja. Kätevää! Asiakaskunta oli aika perus helsinkiläisen kirpputorin asiakaskuntaa eli paljon nuoria ja vähän vanhempia trenditietoisia naisia plus muuta sekavampaa sakkia.

Ehdottomasti suosittelisin niin asiointia kuin myyntiäkin tällä kirpparilla, oli yksi parhaita kirppiskokemuksiani.

Kolmas linja 28
00530 Helsinki

maanantai 1. toukokuuta 2017

Tea Natura Aloe After Shave

After shave

Oma pulloni on hieman kulunut, täältä voitte käydä katsomassa kuvan etiketistä :)
En ole vielä löytänyt after shave-tuotetta, joka oikeasti poistaisi kaikki punertavuudet yms. ihoreaktiot, mutta tämä ei ainakaan pahentanut niitä. Koin tämän jopa rauhoittavaksi, ehkäpä tuotteen sisältämän aloe veran ansiosta. Tämä ei myöskään kirvellyt ollenkaan toisin kuin kaikki aikaisemmin käyttämäni after shave-tökötit.
Kaikki aikaisemmat ovat myös olleet jonkinlaisessa voidemuodossa, tässä oli kiva suihkesuutin. Sen avulla tuotetta oli tosi helppo annostella ja pullo tuntui loputtomalta kun sitä käytti joka kerralla juuri oikean määrän.
Suihke on vissiin tarkoitettu parranajon jälkeen käytettäväksi. En tiedä miten se toimii siihen tarkoitukseen, mutta kainaloissa ja bikini-alueella oli hienosti hommansa hoitava.
10€/100ml, Ecco-Verde